Santa Barbara, California

The Santa Barbara real estate market is a good one to get into no matter who you are. A Santa Barbara home buyer is anyone who likes nice weather and it eager to find a vibrant and welcoming community. Santa Barbara CA real estate may be a great investment for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio. Let's look deeper into why Santa Barbara CA homes could be perfect for a buyer like you.


Santa Barbara has a rich and distinct past. It was original inhabited by the Spanish as a colony before being given to Mexico when it won its independence from Spain. In the late 19th century, oil was discovered in the area and it led to a population boom. Another population boom was seen in the 1860s after it was acquired by the United States and again after the completion of World War II as serviceman decided to stay in the area. Today, it is a popular tourist destination and most people who work in the area commute from nearby suburbs.

Parks and Recreation

The Alice Park Keck Memorial Gardens and Butterfly Beach represent the variety of parks and open spaces available to residents in Santa Barbara. The Chumash Painted Cave State Historic Park and Rattlesnake Canyon are great places to hike and see historic artifacts from peoples who lived in the area long ago. Listings for other parks in the area can be found here.


Events such as food tours, fireworks celebrations and large festivals take place regularly in the area. You can get more information here on specific events that you may be interested in attending while in town for the weekend to shop for properties.


The area is home to several great schools such as the University of California Santa Barbara as well as graduate schools like the Southern California Law Institute. Other good schools include Santa Barbara Community College and Antioch University. The Santa Barbra Museum of Art as well as Lotus land are popular museums worth visiting. Lotusland is unique as it is an open air museum. Stearns Wharf is an attraction that those who enjoy the water may wish to visit as it has shops, restaurants and other venues to keep kids occupied while exploring.

We can be of assistance to anyone who is looking for Santa Barbara properties that fit their needs and budget. Once the right Santa Barbara homes for sale are located, We can help a buyer close on his or her dream homes for sale in Santa Barbara. Anyone who is interested should act now before their favorite real estate in Santa Barbara is taken by somebody else.

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