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Need help finding your dream home?  Whether you are moving down the street or relocating, The Real Estate Team has the local expertise and resources to help you find the perfect home, condo or ranch.  We work closely with our clients to understand their real estate needs and goals to find the right property.
My Home Tracker - Would you like to receive emails showing all listed properties for sale that meet your criteria?  Sign up for our free service called "My Home Tracker" and the results will be sent to you.

Featured Listings - Take a look at some of our featured listings.  Contact us for help finding properties that match your specific needs. ( The Real Estate Team Line:

Community Information - Maps, recent home sales, demographics, school reports, crime statistics, houses of worship and much more!  Contact the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce:

Buyer Resources - Informative articles about buying real estate.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Realty
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services California Realty

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